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TRA’s Responsible Retailing initiative offers value to the industry, environment and consumer

The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) will launch its innovative Responsible Retailing initiative today at the NTDA’s Tyre Industry Conference 2017. Its suite of materials are designed to support retailers and the industry educate consumers on the value and environmental importance of tyre recovery. However, Responsible Retailing has been conceived as an inclusive scheme for the industry to partner in as it is anticipated to create new opportunities at all levels.

Responsible Retailing materials can be can be downloaded through the all-new website, which also goes live today.

Responsible Retailing focuses on the different applications for which new tyres can be reused. Featuring infographics, leaflets and posters to be displayed at members’ facilities the materials ensure consumers know their tyres are being handled correctly and appropriately by responsible retailers. These clearly demonstrate the industry’s obligations and how the correct processing of used tyres minimises the impact on the environment whilst simultaneously benefitting the economy.

It is the retailers’ responsibility to ensure their waste is handled by an authorised waste carrier and the campaign materials accurately reflect the role responsible retailers have in the tyre recovery process.

It’s also anticipated the campaign will help minimise the number of illegal waste sites and unregulated operators who so damage the image of our industry, cause harm to the environment and also cost the British economy millions in clean-up costs and lost revenue each year.

Peter Taylor OBE, Secretary General of the TRA, said: “By demonstrating to consumers the value of the tyre recovery process and how the small environmental charge they pay when replacing tyres is used, Responsible Retailing offers the tyre industry fresh opportunities. This new initiative provides retailers, recyclers and consumers with the information they need to achieve that. The TRA also believes Responsible Retailing presents an opportunity to broaden our partnership with the whole tyre industry and welcome interest from members of NTDA and all tyre associations.”

Stefan Hay, Chief Executive of the NTDA, said: “The NTDA welcomes the launch of TRA’s Responsible Retailing initiative. For retailers it offers the opportunity to leverage their use of operators accredited through the Responsible Recyclers to demonstrate they in turn are Responsible Retailers. An informed consumer values the safeguards this brings for the environment and the economy and I encourage NTDA members to partner with TRA to enjoy the benefits of Responsible Retailing.”

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