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Awarding of 2nd and 3rd PAS 107 certificates demonstrates QP is fulfilling industry need

Murfitts Industries and Boynton Bros & Hallam (Ranskill) Ltd have been awarded the second and third Certificates of Qualification, demonstrating their support of the Quality Protocol option (QP) in PAS 107.

In December 2014 the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) added a new Quality Protocol option to PAS 107 to support sustainable tyre recycling and, after passing the audit and inspection process, CONICA Ltd was awarded the first ever Certificate of Qualification during the Recycling Day conference in June.

The new Quality Protocol option (QP) is supported by the Environment Agency, acts as an addition to the existing Publically Available Specification (PAS) 107:12, and identifies how tyre waste can be treated so that it may be legally regarded as a non-waste product.

By passing the TRA’s Certification of Qualification, Murfitts and Boynton’s are now able to store and distribute their recycled products in specified markets without the need for waste-management controls, freeing them from complicated and costly procedures.

Mark Murfitt, Managing Director of Murfitts Industries, welcomed the QP certification. “Murfitts have been recycling tyres since 2001 and we’re proud that our method re-uses 100% of the tyre. We would like to thank the TRA and the Environment Agency for supporting best practise in this environmentally significant industry.”

John Boynton of Boynton Bros, new members of the TRA and suppliers of rubber surfaces for equine areas, playgrounds and sports facilities commented: “This QP certificate will represent a big shift in the way we operate. Now that we are certified QP compliant our distribution will be quicker and more efficient, our storage will be simplified and more robust. We will no longer need to tick so many boxes, because the industry has acknowledged that our product is safe and environmentally friendly.”

“The awarding of the second and third QP certificates – so soon after the first – demonstrates how much this change is fulfilling an industry need,” said Peter Taylor, TRA Secretary General. “We have a number of other members who are currently undergoing the compliance audit, and we’re sure – now that the competitive benefits are being demonstrated by those who have already achieved QP status – that more companies like Murfitts, Boynton Bros and CONICA will follow suit.”

More than one month on from becoming PAS 107 QP certified, the difference is already being felt by John Bramwell, CONICA’s Operations Director. “Being the first tyre recycling company to achieve PAS 107 QP certification reflects our continuing commitment to being the best in the market and has already been acknowledged by those companies that we recycle tyres for. Also, the award demonstrates to the rest of the global CONICA business that the UK leads the way in tyre recycling technology.”

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