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PAS 107 Quality Products from the TRA

PAS 107 Quality Products from the TRA

TRA members will be the first in Britain to offer Quality Protocol (QP) audits for Tyre Derived Rubber Materials (TDRM) to all its members.
Based on the BSI Publicly Available Standards (PAS 107) for these materials, qualifying TRA member companies will from this autumn be able to acquire new product status for a range of size reduced materials derived from old tyres. Until now all such materials, however valuable, have been deemed waste and therefore subjected to permit and transportation constraints.

The additional QP accreditation will be offered as an extra to the routine annual compliance audit which TRA members undergo to achieve accreditation to the UK tyre industry's Responsible Recycler Scheme (RRS), a unique voluntary best practice scheme whose members account for over 80% of UK end of life tyre arisings. Commenting on this new step forward for the association, TRA President Mike Wilson commented: "TRA members who opt for QP status can do so simply and economically as part of the routine audit to which all are already subject. Not only does co-operation of this sort deliver cost savings and economies of scale but QP status itself will deliver real advantage in a number of other ways. I am delighted that the TRA has once again been able to demonstrate a leadership role in its service to members and to the wider UK tyre industry."

For more information on the TRA, its current activities and of the TIF Responsible Recycler Scheme visit or contact Peter Taylor, TRA Secretary General on 0845 301 6852 


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