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Pyrenergy (Affiliate Member)

Pyrenergy is an Energy business. We valorise hydrocarbon waste, recovering energy, recycling the by-products and offsetting CO2, in a clean and sustainable manner.

We do this using a process called ‘pyrolysis’ (pyro = heat, lysis = separate) in a specially designed oxygen free kiln. Waste products are heated until their hydrocarbon (organic) polymers thermally decompose into smaller molecules, which volatilise as a combustible gas. The gas is then condensed into an oil which is used to generate power. The whole process has very low emissions and all the by-products are recycled. Pyrenergy focuses on ecologically problematic and challenging wastes such as tyres and plastics as feedstocks, diverting them from landfill, incineration or export.

We own and operate a tyre pyrolysis plant in Grimsby, which has been extracting tyre pyrolysis oil from end-of-life tyres, recovering tyre steel wire and raw recovered carbon black (char) for recycling since 2015. This year we begin a major upgrade project to scale up our operation and add power generation to the process.

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