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Moves by India and other Asian countries to improve environmental compliance drives market adjustment

The TRA warns Britain’s vehicle dismantlers and retailers of inevitable price increases

Moves by India’s environmental regulators to tighten up on waste recovery practices particularly in relation to the processing of end-of-life tyres in unauthorised facilities are driving a big increase in recovery costs across Europe and beyond.

Together with similar moves in some other South East Asian countries, the Tyre Recovery Association warns vehicle dismantlers and tyre retailers that disposal costs could as much as double in the coming weeks and months.

TRA Secretary General, Peter Taylor said “The true cost of tyre recycling has long been masked by artificially low pricing for exported waste especially to India. Britain, together with the USA and a number of other European countries, has been affected by this trade imbalance but recent action by India’s authorities in particular is bringing about a large reduction in this trade. As a result, tyre collection and recovery cost in the UK and beyond may be expected to rise considerably as the cost of tyre recycling reverts to economically realistic levels”.

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