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TRA announces successful trial to introduce digital traceability into the tyre waste stream

The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) has announced the successful completion of a digital tyre tracking trial.

Conducted with TRA member, Fraser Evans & Sons Ltd, and technology partner PragmatIC, the trial used Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. The tags are fixed to the tyre by the collector, who assigns them to their future use, for example retreading or reprocessing. These tags remain attached to the tyre right through to its end-of-life and the data they contain is simply accessed using a handheld scanner, which reads the unique RFID.

The data extracted from the tags is restricted to a unique identifying number. Separately, a Cloud-based system automatically attributes information to it, meaning no sensitive date is actually stored on the tag. The data is read by an app, installed at the users’ premises and provides the basis for insightful user reports, which provide much easier visibility on the number of tyres collected and the use to which they have been allocated. Having data in this electronic format also allows for far greater scope to generate bespoke reports and requests.

A great advantage of this system over the existing manual equivalent, is the quantum leap forward for traceability. Not only do the tags include information on their intended use but also who they have been collected from. At each stage, similar data on those who have handled the tyre is collected, providing a clear record of all those involved in the collection chain.

Tim Stott, President, TRA, said: “We are conscious of the need for the more efficient tracking of our waste to increase our efficiencies and further marginalise rogue activity. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) holds out great opportunities for us and the results of this pilot exercise were extremely positive. Having now proven the concept works and, that it is a viable long-term solution, the TRA will be considering next steps for the roll-out of this exciting technology.”

Alastair Hanlon, Chief Commercial Officer, PragmatIC, said: “Digital tracking data allows for deeper analyses of recyclers’ supply-chains with the system collecting far more data of value than a paper-based system. Currently, you know how many tyres come in from Garage X. But you don’t then say how many of Garage X’s tyres have been shredded, or baled, or what condition they’re in.

“This low cost tagging is a viable technology which enables the long-term digital tracking of individual end of life tyres.”

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