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Two new ‘firsts’ from the Tyre Recovey Association

New initiatives from the Tyre Recovey Association (TRA) will help members stay at the forefront of professional tyre recovery. With the agreement of the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the Waste Resources and Action Programme (WRAP) the TRA’s website will host the newly-updated PAS 107 (Publicly Available Specification) recovery standards and norms for tyre-derived materials.

In a second initiative the TRA will begin offering its members a unique, highly cost-effective audit route to Quality Protocol status under PAS 107. Once fully accredited, participating TRA member companies will effectively acquire ‘new product’ status for materials which otherwise would continue to be deemed waste and be able to use the prestigious UKAS ‘kite-mark’ as a mark of quality. This process is being actively led by the TRA’s third party auditor, Abricon who has worked closely with UKAS to map out the way forward.

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