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TRA members mobilise MPs in push to protect UK tyre recovery infrastructure, warn of damage to tyre retailers

August 1, 2016

TRA members are ready to lobby their constituency Members of Parliament in their effort to fight off Environment Agency plans to bring in new storage limits which could put many responsible recyclers out of business. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Regulation and Responsibility

July 28, 2016

Britain’s tyre recyclers and retreaders are threatened with draconian new storage regulations which could put many out of business. The TRA is pleading for a more proportionate approach.

Since 2006 Britain’s tyre industry has faced a near 100% reuse or recovery obligation. Far greater than that of other ‘low risk’ waste streams. That we have consistently achieved this for more than a decade now and might – if we had one – blow the industry’s trumpet. That we have achieved this through a purely voluntary and market-based approach to tyre recycling is also something to be quietly proud of despite the many challenges we face from rogue operators, a weak enforcement regime and an often less than supportive executive is surely a story worth airing, so how did we do it?  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Environment Agency Plans will decimate tyre recycling business

July 22, 2016

Plans by the Environment Agency (EA) to introduce new norms for the storage and processing of end of life tyres will force many operators out of business by the end of this year.

While much of this new guidance is acceptable best practice, new requirements for maximum stack heights and stack separation distances are unworkable and if implemented will force businesses to close. Not only will this mean a significant loss of jobs but tyre recycling will be driven further to the margins where rogue operators and others are already a significant factor.

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