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Member benefits 


Member benefits

Joining the Tyre Recovery Association and the Tyre Industry Federation Responsible Recycler Scheme are not painless steps but we do want the process as simple and easy as possible for all those that have joined and for those who now wish to do so.

When you apply to join the TRA you may also choose to apply for accreditation to the Tyre Industry Federation Responsible Recycler Scheme (RRS) but this is not a condition of membership. The RRS is a stand-alone chartermark scheme which is intended to be a beacon of very best practice in the industry, its standards are exacting.

Even if you choose just to join the Tyre Recovery Association you will still need to meet certain basic criteria as set out in the application form and to have been in business for a minimum of 12 months.

Today, TRA members account for about 80% of all the UK’s scrap tyre arisings a very high percentage compared to some other priority waste streams. For those who are members there are some very clear advantages – and you can be kept abreast of every new development. You will also have access to our association website and benefit from its post-code redirect service.

Many of your competitors and colleagues are already in membership so why remain on the sidelines when you could become a valuable contributing member in a scheme which aims to raise the status, an influence of all those responsible operators in Britain’s recovery and reprocessing industry.

If you are still one of the few who has still not seen our information pack please call, write or e-mail for one now. If you have it already then whatever your level of interest we would like to hear from you.

You have nothing to lose and something to gain so why not get in touch now.

Why stay on the sidelines?