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Pyrmin Limited (Affiliate Member)

Pyrmin’s goal is simple. We use pyrolysis, or more aptly described as thermolysis, at the forefront of the end-of-life tyre (ELT) management industry through our tyre pyrolysis facilities across the UK. Pyrolysis represents the solution for ELTs since it converts the tyre back to its constituent chemical components.

Pyrolysis, done correctly, can produce a consistent tyre derived oil product which can be blended with other transport fuels and earn RTFO credits. The carbon char produced can be processed into a recovered Carbon Black, a CO2 saving alternative to virgin Carbon Black. Using bespoke processing technologies, recovered Carbon Black can be used in tyre manufacture and a series of other rubber and plastic applications. There is no shortage of waste tyres to prevent massive volume production of each of these products.

In this way, Pyrmin applies a truly circular technology which avoids the dispersal of microplastics completely and has the potential to turn the current tyre waste management system on its head.

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