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2G BioPOWER (Affiliate member)

2G BioPOWER is developing UK projects based on world-leading pyrolysis technology from Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro). 

Pyrolysis recovers the carbon black and steel in tyres and converts the rubber to a partially renewable oil. The oil can be converted to Biofuel, whilst high-quality recovered Carbon Black (rCB) can be re-used in rubber products including new vehicle tyres. Tyre pyrolysis both recovers valuable material and reduces overall GHG emissions; it is therefore a major contribution to the Circular Economy.

Enviro’s recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is already being used in the manufacture of industrial tyres by Hexpol, in Volvo Car components and for pipe seals.  In 2020 Michelin became both an Enviro shareholder and their strategic partner with plans for the joint development of a plant in Chile and an rCB supply agreement

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